Grace Hawkins – Integrative Naturopath

BHSc(ComplMed) Adv.Dip(Nat).

“Your path to preventing illness & disease and enjoying your ultimate health!”


If you are ready to find easy, positive and healthy ways to enhance your health and your lifestyle and you like the idea of being able to assist your body in reducing the likelihood of illness and disease, then you have come to the right place, because I’m passionate about supporting my clients to reach their health goals.


Preventative Health Solutions uses Naturopathic & Nutritional guidance to help you reach your optimal health & wellbeing!


I use a variety of tools and techniques available in the integrative & preventative health medicine field to help you discover how to lead your body on a path back to your optimal health & wellbeing, helping you to understand your body’s needs and how you may have got off track with your health in the first place. This allows expansion of the health in your body system to create wellness on all levels of your being, allowing you to live a more fulfilled life.

According to the field of Neuroscience;

“With Awareness alone over 50% of any problem is already solved”!


Congratulations, your awareness has brought you here and that means that you are are already over half way along on your journey to realising your optimal health & wellbeing, which is exciting to know. I work with a wide variety of health issues including gut and digestive health, nervous system issues such as anxiety, fatigue and burnout, as well as biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. My experience in the preventative health field has offered me the opportunity to work with a large cross section of the community and has given me the confidence to work with children, teenagers and adults alike.



I offer a range of different services to meet the needs of my clients, from individual 1-on-1 consultations either in person or online, to 4 week Adrenal Recovery Programs that offer longterm support and comprehensive food as medicine guidance allowing for the education and care needed to make sustained changes.

To make your 1-on-1 in person or online booking please Contact me directly by clicking here, and to learn more about my Adrenal Recovery Program please click here.

If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch ph (+61) 0420 451 177.

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 I look forward to working with you soon!


 Yours’ in Optimal Health & Wellbeing