About PHS

About PHS

Grace Hawkins is the practitioner and host of Preventative Health Solutions (PHS) she has over 15 years’ of experience practicing as a Naturopath working along side her clients, medical practitioners & other health care practitioners to help her clients reach their health goals. She has a deep passion for sharing her philosophy and insights on how to reach optimal health & wellbeing from the inside out. Her love for the complementary & preventative health industry as well as Grace’s own personal health journey, have lead her to continuously investigate the most innovative and supportive methods to meet individuals and their needs on their healing path. She also acknowledges that our individual mental, emotional & spiritual spheres influence the physical body and its ability to heal, as apart of every treatment protocol.

These spheres can have a large impact on the overall health and everyday functioning of the entire body system.

Preventative Health Solutions uses complementary and preventative health medicine to help guide you to achieve your optimal health, well-being and balance. By using the most effective integrative medicine tools available, Grace assists you in achieving your health goals.

Grace believes in providing the support & knowledge needed in order for you to build self-confidence and to help you trust in your inner abilities to make the best possible decisions towards the optimal health & wellbeing of your body, mind and spirit.

It’s about Prevention rather than Cure.


Grace Hawkins has a Bachelor of Health Science and Complementary Medicine, and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine, BHSc(ComplMed) Adv.Dip(Nat). She holds a Certificate four in Small Business Management, a Certificate four in Training and Assessment and is also involved in Naturopathic consultations and Preventative health eduction at “Mullumbimby Comprehensive Medical Centre” & “Byron Bay Detox Retreats” as well as the integrative medicine clinic “Centre Mind Body Wellness”.

Grace has previously been apart of one of Australia’s leading Health Retreats “Gaia Retreat and Spa” for many years as well as the integrative medical centre “The Health Lodge” and “North Coast Medical Centre” in Byron Bay. She has also worked at “Gwinganna Health Retreat” and “Eden Health Retreat” on the Gold Coast.

Grace work’s with a diverse range of health ailments and specialises in re-correcting nutritional & biochemical imbalances including; methylation issues, mood disorders, pyrroles, mental health & eating disorder’s, women’s health, weight management, digestive health and stress management. Grace also gives group health talks and has presented at “The Spacefoundation”, “Gaia retreat and spa”, “The Health Lodge” “The Spirit Festival”, “YWCA Encore breast cancer foundation” and “The Academy martial arts gym”.