Adrenal Recovery Program!

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Adrenal Recovery Program!

The 4 week Adrenal Recovery Program


What is it and who is it for?

The adrenals glands are a part of the body’s endocrine system and are responsible for our stress “fight or flight” response. They are the glands that produce cortisol – our “get up and go” hormone in the day time and adrenaline – which makes us run for our life or fight for our life with super human speed and strength.

Adrenal glands can be compromised from long-term illnesses & disease like viral infections as well as stress and anxiety, all of which place a significant amount of stress on the body. Adrenal Fatigue (known as Hypoadrenia) is one of the most common causes of illness today and manifests within a broad spectrum of disorders.

Being under constant stress and over-doing it in life, as well as illness & disease can put the body’s natural biological timing, alignment of the meridians and energy cycles of the body out of balance. This can result in sleep disorders, which then compound the problem and we can feel tired upon waking and energized when we should be getting ready for bed.

Who is prone to getting Adrenal Fatigue?

• Do you like the occasional wild party, where you drink a few too many cocktails, dance all night, listen to loud music, go to music festivals & watch the sun come up?
• Do you have children & like drinking double shot expressos coffee’s, snacking on chocolate during the day and night and need to wind down at the end of the day with a big glass of wine or a cold beer?
• Do you get interrupted sleep, woken by either from someone or something else or because your own body habitually wakes you up during the night for whatever reason?
• Do you average 7-8hrs of solid sleep per night? And do you wake up tired?
• Are you always tired, especially at the 2-4pm mark?
• Do you like lots of mental simulation like social media & all the latest technology, gaming or getting totally lost into something online or entertainment shows?
• Are you a workaholic and find yourself on the computer screen late into the evening or early morning, over-doing it?
• Do you occasionally like to just throw caution to the wind and go totally WILD without being too concerned with the consequences of your actions?!

If you have answered “yes” to any one of these questions above then you may be prone to getting Adrenal Fatigue. I get it, I really do!

The good news is that you fit into the category of being able to benefit greatly from my Adrenal Recovery Program!!

Why did I create this program?

The reason I created ‘The 4 weeks Adrenal Recovery Program’, is because I see SO much of the above signs and symptoms in my clinic & a lot of people think that it’s simply normal to “not feel their best”. Not feeling your best can be normal throughout some phases in life though these phases should and can be short-lived and should not be just accepted as a new way of being.

My intention is to assist everyone who experiences Adrenal Fatigue in returning to their optimal state of wellbeing. I want my clients to achieve all that they love in life with great energy levels and awesome vitality. The Adrenal Recovery Program is for the people that dig the idea of B A L A N C E in all that they do, being able to have fun and then recover from it effortlessly.

Who are the practitioners running the program?

Grace Hawkins
Integrative Naturopath
BHSc(ComplMed) Adv.Dip(Nat)




Grace is an Integrative Naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Science and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, who has worked in the complementary medicine field for over 12 years. Integrative Medicine is a practice where collective health care practitioners work collaboratively to support you in your health journey. They may sit in on the same consultation with you together, (when appropriate and possible) and discuss treatment options with you or integrative health team members may share your health and medical notes between them (with your consent), so as to give you the highest level of care and to make sure that everyone is working together in the same direction to help you achieve your optimal health outcomes.

Grace believes that the body has a high level of intelligence and sees the importance of working with this innate wisdom of your individual systems. For that reason, Grace has teamed up with Joanne Farrell to help investigate exactly what your body wants and needs and when. This allows for accurate and specific nutrient therapy and supplementation recommendations only when and if needed. Grace feels this is an important and ethical way to treat each body system so that the client receives the best care and only what it is ready for.

Joanne Farrell
Transformational Kinesiologist
&Energy Worker






Joanne is a registered Kinesiologist and certified Educator of Transformational Kinesiology & Energetic Anatomy. Kinesiology is a dynamic modality that taps into your unconscious and identifies specific issues that may be causing physical congestion as well as negative thought and feeling patterns. Using a holistic approach, we can locate which part of your biochemistry, physical structure, or emotional condition requires priority attention, so that a treatment is tailored to your specific needs. Joanne works with a focus on the body’s physiology systems including digestion, circulation, hormonal, liver detox pathways and immune health. Applying detailed scientific data covering cellular integrity, DNA, oxidative stress, neurology, nutrition and brain function – all aspects of your health are addressed.

With muscle testing we can also prioritize which nutritional supplements are recommended for you right now; and support your nutritional absorption with kinesiology processes. This way you are not buying unnecessary supplements or taking ones that you are not yet ready to absorb. Your nutrition is your key to good health and your body has its own unique history of illness and ability to function – so we offer you a tailor-made program that is specified by your body’s preference, indicated through muscle testing.

Why should you do the 4 week Adrenal Recovery Program?

If you want to live with more vitality, energy, zing, lust for life, to feel pumped for the day ahead, to have clear skin, clear thoughts and a clear mind, to help you make better decision… then this program is just for you. You will have renewed creativity, open mindedness and expansion towards the life you want to live. You will be more present to the Here and Now, feel your best and not miss a single moment of living your life. Adrenal recovery… let’s do this!

Undertaking the program together provides much more support and commitment to help you achieve your goals than doing it alone. It can make it more fun for you, help you to build a community of likeminded people who support each other, which then supports our families, communities, cultures, and helps to move the world forward to a more peaceful, vibrant and healthier expression of itself!

How does it work?

The reason “The 4 week Adrenal Recovery Program” is so successful is because our adrenal glands produce the stress hormones of our body called adrenaline and cortisol & when they are constantly triggered by our western-culture lifestyle choices (some of which I mentioned above) then our body starts to think that it’s under a constant level of stress (or danger) and it responds over time by trying to save our lives! It can do this in many ways by producing hormones, which is a fancy word for messengers, to either slow our body right down to conserve energy and go into storage mode, or in some cases speed up to an almost out of control state.

In the body the hormone response can look like a variety of different signs & symptoms:

• Fatigue, lethargy, low energy levels, energy levels that crash throughout the day
• Poor sleeping patterns, finding it difficult to get to sleep, waking up throughout the night, waking up still feeling tired, difficulty getting up in the morning
• Waking up late and still feeling tired, sleepy at 3pm but feel wide awake in the late evening
• Weight gain, finding it hard to lose weight or regulate your weight
• Anxiety, panic attacks, depression or flat moods.
• Decreased ability to handle stress
• Foggy head, headaches, poor concentration & memory. Decreased productivity
• Hormonal imbalances, irregular periods, PMS, reduced sex drive
• Skin irritations, strange breakout
• Increased symptoms with inadequate amounts of food or frequency (hypoglycemia)
• Cravings for salty foods
• Light headed when standing up suddenly
• Increased time to recover from illness

What can you do about it?

If you have said YES to one or more of the above signs or symptoms then it’s time for some Adrenal Recovery! To help restore your adrenal glands back into healthy regulation and safe expression of stress hormones, it’s essential that the adrenal glands have a rest from everyday life and get some special attention. I want to work with you to help create a new path towards optimal health, wellness and recovery.

Why 4 weeks?

That’s a great question, a human blood cycle (which is how long it takes to renew every single red blood cell in your body) is 120 days, so starting you on a supported program for the first quarter of your new blood cycle is an amazing way to lay the foundation for completely renewing your blood and overall health and wellbeing. The first quarter is where most of the challenges can arise so I want you to feel supported and informed during this important phase. Not to mention that we need all of this time to squeeze in all of the added extras and bonus’s you will get from joining the program!

So what’s included?

The 4 week Adrenal Recovery Program includes;

1x 30min health timeline review with Grace Hawkins
1x 60min comprehensive health assessment with Grace Hawkins
1x 60min kinesiology & energy medicine session with Joanne Farrell
1x 4 week adrenal recovery menu eBook
1x 4 week adrenal recovery shopping list
4x 60min support group sessions over the 4 week program with Grace Hawkins and Joanne Farell =1x 60mins session per week
1x 30min review follow-up assessment with Grace Hawkins


Limited places are available so call Grace on 0420451177 to secure your booking.

*The 4 week Adrenal Recovery Program” starts on Wednesday 15th November 2017 (in 2 weeks’ time!)

**Group sessions are held on Thursday evenings at 6pm in Mullumbimby at:

“The Centre for Mind Body Wellness”
Office 2, 108 Stuart St, Mullumbimby (above ‘Scratch Patisserie”)


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by sending me a message by clicking here or call me directly on 0420451177.

Much Love



  1. Hi Im interested in doing the course – I’m currently breast-feeding (7 month old) will it be ok to do? Thanks Claire

  2. Hi Grace,
    A friend and I have been looking into doing the adrenal diet and another friend of mine recently completed your course and highly recommends it, the problem is that myself and said friend are both in Sydney. Is there anyone you know of that runs a similar course down here or any reputable practitioner you suggest we get in touch with?
    Kind regards,

  3. Hi im just wondering how much it is to do this interested in this

    • Hi Mel
      The Full price of the course is $468. The course is starting next Wednesday 7th Feb. and we have payment plans available. Feel free to give me a call if you’d like to discuss it further on ph 0420451177. Otherwise leave me your contact number and I will be in touch.
      Kind regards

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