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I often get asked by people how they can find the kind of resources that I speak about in my health talks & consultations, so here’ a forum to help us as an online health community to share & expand on the knowledge.

This is an interactive page where I would love your feedback on your experience of any of the resources listed. As you can appreciate, I don’t take responsibility for the outcomes of any of the resources I list on this page, although I would appreciate your support to make sure that each resource listed is aligned to the holistic, integrative, optimal health and wellbeing of every individual that seeks it’s support.

Please feel free to contribute to the comments below if you have had any experience (both good and bad welcome) with any of the resources listed. This helps us all to fine tune the wealth of information & practitioners within the health care industry to be more aligned to what we are seeking from health =

Professional, integrated, holistic health care.

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Your’s in the best of health



Integrative Health Care Practitioners (by states of Australia)


New South Whales (NSW)


South Australia (SA)


Victoria (VIC)




The Functional Medicine Model 


Food as Medicine Resources


Mind, Body, Soul Connections